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Collection: Caring for gemstones

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Gemstones are energy and have a certain frequency, just like everything on earth is actually energy. Because of their energy, gemstones can promote balance in our body, so that healing can take place. When you carry a gemstone with you, it will absorb your energy and you take over the energy of the stone.

That is why it is important that gemstones are cleaned and charged once in a while. There are different methods for this, depending on the stone. In this article you can read how the stones available at Insight Stones can be cleaned and charged.

There are various options for cleaning gemstones.

  • Rinse the gemstone under running lukewarm water for about five minutes and dab dry. Selenite is a gypsum crystal, so it is better not to let it come into contact with water. It is also better to clean the Calcite in a different way.
  • Fill a container with soil and place the gemstone in it overnight. The Earth's natural magnetic force pulls the gemstones clean.
  • Another way is the stone through the smoke of white sage, Palo Santo or Get sandalwood incense.
  • The safest way to clean gemstones is to place them in a container with small stones overnight Hematite . Hematite is an iron-containing stone that is self-cleaning. This method is safe for every stone.

There are also various options for charging gemstones.

  • You can charge most clear gemstones by placing them in the sun. Exceptions are Amethyst, Aventurine and Rose Quartz. It is best not to expose these gemstones to sunlight. They can then discolour or even crack.
  • A safer way is to charge the gems by moonlight. You can simply place them behind the window indoors. Preferably at the Full Moon, they are charged through the glass.
  • The safest way to charge gemstones is to place them in a container with small stones overnight Rock crystal . Rock crystal is self-charging and strengthens the effect of the gemstones.

    In principle, gemstones last a long time if you take good care of them. Small stones in particular need to be cleaned and charged more often. Keep an eye on the appearance of the stone. If the color intensity changes, the stone is probably exhausted. For example, the Amethyst can sometimes become grayish. When they are exhausted, don't just throw them away, but put them somewhere in the soil. Where they come from.