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Everything is made of energy, as most people know. Our environment, people, our thoughts, emotions, everything. Likewise, everything has a certain vibration frequency. Color and sound also have frequencies. That's why a color or sound can have such an impact on us and everything around us.

Gemstones are also energy and have a certain frequency. Our energy field (aura) contains seven chakras that ensure the distribution of energy throughout the body. Based on the 7-chakra system. Each chakra has its own properties and color.

An illness or complaint, physical or mental, often starts due to a disturbance in one or more chakras, as a result of which energy can no longer flow properly.

Because of their energy, gemstones can promote balance in our body, so that healing can take place. Of course, it is not the intention to consider gemstones as a replacement for a doctor. It is often possible to determine from the color of a gemstone which chakra it is suitable for, because the color usually corresponds to the color of the corresponding chakra.

When you carry a gemstone with you, it will adopt your vibrational frequency and you will adopt the vibrational frequency of the stone.