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Witte grote zoutsteen maan lamp - Insight Stones
Witte grote zoutsteen maan lamp - Insight Stones
Witte grote zoutsteen maan lamp - Insight Stones

White large salt stone moon lamp

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The story behind our orange Himalayan salt stone moon lamp

Together with our supplier we developed this beautiful large salt stone moon lamp. It creates a very nice, soothing atmosphere in everyone's bedroom or living room. When the Himalayan salt heats up by turning on the lamp, this creates a balance between positive and negative ions. Imbalance is caused by electronic equipment and can be harmful to your health. The lamp therefore has a purifying effect! This white variant obviously provides slightly brighter light than the orange variant. It is 23 cm high including wooden stand.

The popular salt stone lamp is indispensable in so many ways. It provides a safe, warm atmosphere during a birth at home or in the hospital, is very suitable for the maternity period and helps children who are afraid of the dark sleep better.

There is also an orange version of this moon lamp. You can find the orange Himalayan salt stone moon lamp here.

Also good to know:

The salt stone lamp is supplied on a wooden stand with a cable (on/off switch) and a light bulb. We give on the light no Guarantee. We recommend purchasing the high-quality LED light. This does not get hot, but remains cool. You will find the LED light here .

It is a natural product, so the color of the salt stone may vary. There may also be 'cracks' in the salt rock, so the moon is not broken.

Please note: In rooms that are too humid, the salt stone can 'sweat'. Salt naturally attracts moisture. In this case, wipe the salt stone weekly (or more often if necessary) with a dry cloth.

We also ask you to take any pets into account. Some animals find salt very tasty, which may cause them to lick the salt stone. This is not healthy for many pets. If you have pets, make sure the light is out of reach for them if they tend to do this.