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Ruwe groene toermalijn - Insight Stones
Ruwe groene toermalijn - Insight Stones
Ruwe groene toermalijn - Insight Stones
Ruwe groene toermalijn - Insight Stones

Raw green tourmaline

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Information about this rough green tourmaline

This green tourmaline is truly a beautiful piece of art from Mother Earth. This tourmaline has beautiful elongated bands, as if it has been cut, but not by a human but an elf who can make such small strips. Yet it came into existence completely naturally. The tourmaline contains some cracks inside, but is generally clear.

This green tourmaline weighs 1.6 grams.

Dimensions approximately: 3.4 x 0.4 cm

The tourmaline comes in a sturdy black box with the Insight Stones logo and is well protected.

How green tourmaline works

Green tourmaline is also called verdelite. Green tourmaline is energetically a counterpart to pink tourmaline. Where pink tourmaline often nourishes feminine energy, green tourmaline nourishes masculine energy. Just like pink tourmaline, it works on the heart chakra, but it will nourish you with strength, courage, endurance and will help ground you more and invite you to embrace the physical world. Green tourmaline can also have a healing effect and especially make you embrace the healing power of nature and with these new discoveries you can give it back to others. Where pink tourmaline can especially help you connect with others, green tourmaline especially allows you to connect with the earth and yourself. This will give you more stability in your life and you will also dare to express yourself more.

Origin of the name tourmaline

Tourmaline is a name taken from Sinhalese, a language spoken in Sri Lanka from where European sailors brought the stone. It is not entirely clear what exactly the name refers to. One theory is that it comes from the word 'turamali' which means 'stone that attracts'. Another theory is that it comes from 'turmali' which means 'gemstone with different colors'. Both are actually very appropriate for tourmaline because tourmaline is a stone that attracts and also has many colors. In addition to green tourmaline, there is also pink , blue, black, yellow-brown, dark brown and white/transparent tourmaline (this is very rare). Watermelon tourmaline (a combination of green and pink) is also very popular among gemstone collectors.

Physical and chemical properties of green tourmaline

Tourmaline is a tetrahedron crystal shape, a tetrahedron of equilateral triangles. The chemical formula for green tourmaline is: Na(Li,Al,)3 (Al,Cr,V)6 [OH,F)4 (BO3 )2 Si6 O18 ] Tourmaline generally forms in acidic plugonites, especially in pegmatites . This is where the multi-colored crystals can form.

Where does green tourmaline come from?

Most tourmaline comes from Brazil, Botswana, Italy, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Rarity green tourmaline

Green tourmaline is quite rare, but not as rare as the pink variety and certainly not as rare as the transparent tourmaline. The rarity and popularity of various colors of tourmaline depends on the color, clarity and whether it is found as samples or more mixed in quartz. In addition, cutting tourmaline can also increase its value, although you will of course lose some weight as a result.