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Vita Jewel waterfles 'Vitality' - Insight Stones
Vita Jewel waterfles 'Vitality' - Insight Stones
Vita Jewel waterfles 'Vitality' - Insight Stones
Vita Jewel waterfles 'Vitality' - Insight Stones

Vita Jewel water bottle 'Vitality'

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This beautiful water bottle is really a solution for people who like to drink water with the energy of gemstones.

You've probably seen water bottles with gemstone points in them or people who put gemstones loose in water. The disadvantage of these methods is that you do not really know what you are getting. You do not know what the gemstone has come into contact with, and some substances in the stones themselves are not good for us.

What you do want is for the energy of the stones to be released into the water. That is exactly what this bottle can do for you. This bottle has a pod that contains the gemstones!

The great thing is that the gemstones are all fair trade and conflict free. Furthermore, the bottles are made in the EU and designed by glass artists from Germany.

The bottles are made of glass, stainless steel caps, silicone and BPA free plastic protective elements.

You can fill the bottles with 500 ml of water. They are designed to be impact resistant, but it is of course important to be careful with the glass.

You can also put the glass element in the dishwasher, but it is better to wash the other elements by hand. It is also important to wash the bottle and its elements regularly.

You are not supposed to open the sealed pod.

The 'Vitality' Water Bottle contains the following gemstones: Emerald and Rock Crystal.