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Interieurparfum met edelsteentjes - Insight Stones
Interieurparfum met edelsteentjes - Insight Stones
Interieurparfum met edelsteentjes - Insight Stones
Interieurparfum met edelsteentjes - Insight Stones

Interior perfume with gemstones

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Bring the power of gemstones into your home together with a wonderful scent. These interior perfumes have a unique scent and their own split gemstones in the perfume. This way you bring scent into your home and at the same time the energy of the gemstone that is incorporated in the scent.

The bottles contain 30 milliliters of perfume. They are small bottles, but with a powerful scent. So you don't have to use a lot to make the room smell wonderful.

Bottle number 1 contains carnelian split and a sweet perfume scent with vanilla.

Carnelian is a gemstone that has both a grounding and activating effect. It has a positive effect on your self-confidence and reduces negative feelings and emotions. Due to its activating effect, it can help you achieve your goals. Due to its grounding effect, it can help protect you against negative influences because you can stay true to yourself and set your boundaries.

Bottle number 2 contains amethyst split with a slightly spicy perfume scent.

Amethyst supports you in clarifying your vision. It helps you connect with your inner source that gives you strength and inspiration, allowing you to reconnect with your intuition. The gemstone Amethyst helps you show what is really important to you, with compassion and without judgment.

There is an inner knowing within you that Amethyst helps you to recognize. You feel that something is right and what decisions you have to make are right for you, regardless of what others think. It is the stone of wisdom and letting go.

Bottle number 3 contains rock crystal split with a wonderfully fresh perfume scent.

Rock crystal is seen as a purifying, protective stone and supports clarity in the head and heart. On a spiritual level, Rock Crystal is raised to the highest possible level.

Bottle number 4 contains rose quartz split with a floral slightly sweet perfume scent.

Rose quartz represents unconditional love for yourself and others. He helps you open your heart, teaches you to love yourself, forgive and accept yourself and gives you a sense of self-worth.

You may be going through a difficult time, but know that setbacks lead to growth. Adversity is part of life. It just depends on how you deal with it.

Rose quartz is a calming stone that lovingly converts negative energy into positive energy. It can free you from sadness or pain. Read more about rose quartz in this article: Rose quartz - the stone of love.