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Fire Ritual Kaars - Pyriet - Coconut Lime - Insight Stones
Fire Ritual Kaars - Pyriet - Coconut Lime - Insight Stones

Fire Ritual Candle - Pyrite - Coconut Lime

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This wonderfully scented candle is designed to assist you in releasing negative energy and receiving good energy. Specifically, this candle was created to act as a bridge between you and all the opulence in this world. This candle is made from organic soya wax and is therefore completely vegan and responsible. The coconut lime scent meets her expectations, allowing you to dream away to a tropical area with the diversity and wealth of plants, animals and fruits of nature.

This candle contains a stone with pyrite speckles. This stone can support you with your intentions. Pyrite is truly a stone that can help manifest opulence. It is also called fool's gold because miners used to confuse it for gold. Yet it is certainly not worthless energetically. Pyrite can strengthen and fuel your masculine energy. It can support you in performing your worldly duties and clearly choosing your worldly path. The stone can support your perseverance and ambition.

When the candle has burned out, you can use the stone as decoration, for example.

The glass of the candle is 9.2 cm high

The weight of the candle is approximately 540 grams.