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Bescherming - Labradoriet - Insight Stones
Bescherming - Labradoriet - Insight Stones
Bescherming - Labradoriet - Insight Stones

Protection - Labradorite

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This gemstone comes in a black jewelry box with a card describing the effect of the stone.

This mystical and protective stone helps you increase your consciousness. It supports you to stay close to yourself and prevents energy leaks. The Labradorite is therefore very suitable for highly sensitive people. Physically, Labradorite could help with hormone fluctuations.

Labradorite is a very suitable stone when many changes are taking place in your life. It helps make you strong and steadfast. It is also a nice stone to meditate with, because it ensures that there is balance between the earthly and spiritual world. Furthermore, it can contribute to a better night's sleep and the healing of blockages.

For example, carry the stone in your left trouser pocket, the left is your receiving side.

The gemstones can vary in size and color.
Gemstones have a medicinal effect, but can never replace the expertise of a doctor. So always consult a doctor first if you have any medical complaints.