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Collection: Flair jewelry collection

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In this jewelry collection, Insight Stones has chosen to offer jewelry with gemstones that radiate flair and elegance . All jewelry in the Flair collection is plated with 1 micron 18 carat gold and many jewelry in this collection is based on 925 silver, but all jewelry is nickel-free. The jewelry in this collection is therefore all suitable for people with sensitive skin.

In the collection you will find both subtle jewelry and jewelry that are really eye-catchers, all based on an elegant appearance and flair due to the beautiful colors and cutting methods of the stones.

Some of the stones in the jewelry have been laboratory grown or enhanced in color. If this is the case, this will be specifically stated. With any other stone you can assume that the stone is natural.

When a piece of jewelry is made of silver, there is a 925 mark on the piece of jewelry. This mark is very small so we cannot photograph it, but it is certainly there.