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Feelings worksheets - English - Insight Stones
Feelings worksheets - English - Insight Stones
Feelings worksheets - English - Insight Stones
Feelings worksheets - English - Insight Stones

Feelings worksheets - English

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Introducing the Insight Stones Feelings Worksheets – the ultimate tool for navigating the complex world of emotions. Whether you're an individual seeking to understand your own emotional landscape or a mental health professional aiding clients in their journey, these worksheets are designed to provide clarity and insight.

Product Description Feelings worksheets:


  • Unlock the World of Emotions: Feelings Worksheets for Clarity and Insight
  • Direct Download & Print-Ready: Instantly accessible, these worksheets are ready to be downloaded and printed for hands-on engagement. Ideal for tactile learners and those who benefit from the pen-to-paper method.
  • Digitally Interactive: Seamlessly compatible with Adobe Acrobat for digital use. Type, click, and explore your emotions on any device, making it perfect for on-the-go introspection.
  • Professional Resource: Mental health professionals, here's your new go-to tool. Integrate these worksheets into sessions to assist clients who struggle with identifying and processing their feelings.
  • Comprehensive Emotional Guide: With a range of emotions from 'isolated' to 'joyful', the worksheets serve as a starting point to delve into one's emotional state.
  • The Feelings Wheel: Inspired by Gloria Willcox's 1982 model, the Feelings Wheel on our worksheets helps you pinpoint exact emotions, making it easier to communicate and address them.
  • Inclusive Approach: Designed for everyone. Whether you're at the beginning of your emotional literacy journey or looking to deepen your understanding, these worksheets are tailored for all levels.
  • Body Scan & Coping Strategies: Included are techniques like the 'Feelings Body Scan' to identify where emotions manifest physically, and 'Coping with Emotions' offering practical ways to manage intense feelings.
  • Self-Reflection Prompts: Journal prompts across various emotional spectrums provide a structured way to reflect and gain deeper self-awareness.
  • Adaptable for All Ages: Engaging for both adults and children, the worksheets can be a family-friendly activity to encourage emotional expression and understanding.

Elevate your emotional intelligence with a tool designed to guide you through the introspective process. Whether in the comfort of your home or a professional setting, the Insight Stones Feelings Worksheets are your first step towards emotional empowerment.

These feelings worksheets are perfect for:

  • Personal self-care and growth
  • Therapy and counseling sessions
  • Educational settings for teaching emotional awareness
  • Workshops and group discussions on emotional health

Download now and embark on a journey to emotional clarity and well-being.

Copryright notice: These feelings worksheets are copyrighted by Insight Stones and cannot be distributed on a large scale or be resold for profit. We do encourage, and allow, you to share these worksheets with family, friends or your clients.

Legal notice: While we (Insight Stones) have made sure to provide you with a quality resource, we (Insight Stones) are not liable for any health results or lack thereof by using this resource.