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Zilveren (925) hanger met gefacetteerde roze toermalijn - Insight Stones
Zilveren (925) hanger met gefacetteerde roze toermalijn - Insight Stones
Zilveren (925) hanger met gefacetteerde roze toermalijn - Insight Stones

Silver (925) pendant with faceted pink tourmaline

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Information about the silver pendant with faceted pink tourmaline

This 925 silver pendant is set with a beautiful faceted pink tourmaline. The silver pendant is robust and sturdy, but still looks refined because of the way the pink tourmaline is set and cut. This pink tourmaline is a really beautiful pink and catches beautiful light through the cutting surfaces.

The pendant weighs 2.6 grams.

Dimensions (stone and silver setting, excl. hanging part): 1.3 x 0.9 x 0.4 cm

The pendant comes in a sturdy black box with the Insight Stones logo.

Are you looking for a matching silver chain on which you can hang this beautiful pendant? Here you can find a silver chain of 40 cm .

How pink tourmaline works

Pink tourmaline is somewhat similar to rose quartz in terms of energy. Pink tourmaline is also called rubellite when it has an intense pink/red color. It is a stone that promotes self-love. But, pink tourmaline goes one step further by solving connection blockages. It helps you enter into relationships more easily from love, gentleness and joy. Pink tourmaline helps you to overcome your fears surrounding relationships and connection. In addition, this beautiful gemstone helps you accept your sexuality. Furthermore, pink tourmaline can help with manifesting, creating and feeling stability.

Origin of the name tourmaline

Tourmaline is a name taken from Sinhalese, a language spoken in Sri Lanka from where European sailors brought the stone. It is not entirely clear what exactly the name refers to. One theory is that it comes from the word 'turamali' which means 'stone that attracts'. Another theory is that it comes from 'turmali' which means 'gemstone with different colors'. Both are actually very appropriate for tourmaline because tourmaline is a stone that attracts and also has many colors. In addition to pink tourmaline, there is also green , blue, black, yellow-brown, dark brown and white/transparent tourmaline (this is very rare). Watermelon tourmaline (a combination of green and pink) is also very popular among gemstone collectors.

Physical and chemical properties of pink tourmaline

Tourmaline is a tetrahedron crystal shape, a tetrahedron of equilateral triangles. The chemical formula for pink tourmaline is: Na(Li,Mn,Al,) 3 Al 6 [(OH,F) 4 ​​(BO 3 ) 2 Si 6 O 18.

Tourmaline generally forms in acidic plugonites, especially in pegmatites. This is where the multi-colored crystals can form.

Where does pink tourmaline come from?

Most pink tourmaline comes from Brazil, Botswana, Italy, Mozambique and Tanzania.

Rarity pink tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is quite rare, not as rare as transparent tourmaline, but rarer than the other colors of tourmaline. The more dark pink/red, the rarer and often the more popular the stone is.